Bibbitec Shark Tank Update


Bibbitec – Shark Tank Update

Bibbitec is a company that has made its way to Shark Tank, where they pitch a product that’s made in Hialeah, Florida. The company makes bibs that can serve multiple functions, including breast feeding shields, burp cloths, full body bibs, and art smocks. The company’s $30 bib is also a burp cloth, a place mat, and a bottle warmer.

Bibbitec sells bibs after Sharks

The Shark Tank episode prompted massive visits to the Bibbitec website and a spike in sales. Within 24 hours of the show’s airing, the company sold $75,000 worth of bibs, and by the end of the week, sales had risen to $225,000. Bibbitec’s sales volume increased from about 50 to 1500 per day. The company closed down its retail outlet, but is still selling bibs online.

Bibbitec has marital problems

Bibbitec was a company that has been in the news lately for its marital problems. The company was founded by Susie Taylor, a mom of two messy boys. She told Shark Tank that she developed the Bibbitec product after dealing with her kids’ messiness while traveling on airplanes. While Susie says she’s trying to focus on raising her kids, other Sharks and investors are of a different opinion.

Bibbitec has a high price point

Bibbitec has made it through the Shark Tank and has made a good run. Its price point is too high, according to Kevin, but Susie Taylor is always open to tips on how to increase sales. She cites Barbara Taylor’s advice to build a sales force of moms to sell Bibbitec. Susie also says she does not have any business experience, so she is willing to learn from anyone who has experience in the field.

Bibbitec is non-toxic

Shark Tank featured the Bibbitec bib in its segment. Susie Taylor, a mother of two messy boys and wife to Steve Taylor, was the brainchild behind this innovative bib. She explained to Shark Tank how she got the idea for the Bib.

Bibbitec is patented

Susie Taylor is a trained actress who wrote about her time on Shark Tank in a blog post. She said that she had a successful run with her product, but it was expensive. Susie said that a sales team made up of moms could have helped the company achieve success. She also noted that social media marketing would have helped.

Bibbitec is made in the U.S.

Susie Taylor, the woman who invented the Bibbitec, says that she came up with the idea while dealing with messy children on airplanes. However, she says that the product isn’t all that inexpensive.

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