Cerebral Success Shark Tank Update


Cerebral Success – A Shark Tank Update

Barbara Cocoran thought that Cerebral Success would be a Shark Tank hit. She liked Hiltbrand’s entrepreneurial spirit and figured the school teacher theatrics weren’t true. However, her vision was not realized and the Sharks turned the show down. Ultimately, Hiltbrand lost the investment.

No Limbits

No Limbits is a new product for amputees, created by a woman who lost her leg in a car accident. Erica Cole holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Iowa, but no experience in the apparel industry. She initially felt discouraged by her lack of experience, but realized that she could participate in the Target Incubator program to learn more about how to launch her startup. She later went on to become a Future Founders Fellow and a Halcyon Incubator fellow.


After a year in the Shark Tank, Snactiv is valued at over $2 million. The product is designed to enhance focus and memory. This is a major benefit for students as they often get distracted during exams. The product is also safe for students and has proven to be very effective for improving brain health.


Cerebral Success is a product that was created to help students perform better in school. It works by supplementing the brain with amino acids and essential nutrients. It is a good alternative to Adderall, a prescription drug used to treat ADHD. This supplement is a safe and effective alternative to Adderall and provides proven brain health.


Junobie in Cerebral Success was a product that Trevor Hiltbrand had developed for his business. He had tried to get FDA approval for his product, but failed to do so. He then went on to manufacture the product and register it on Amazon. Despite its lack of FDA approval, the product was gaining positive reviews from customers. As a result, he applied for funding and sought an investor to help him with his business growth.


NEURIVA Plus is a supplement that helps improve your memory and focus. It works by releasing a goal-achieving energy in your body that you can use to achieve your goals. Students often get distracted during exams and other tasks, but this supplement aims to help you avoid such distractions. In fact, the inventor of the product is a student at Brigham Young University who started his business as an intern near the university.

Trevor Hiltbrand

After a Shark Tank appearance, Cerebral Success has been gaining a lot of hype from consumers. This supplement claims to give users the same benefits as Adderall without the side effects. It also has some additional benefits for brain health.

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