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Core App Dashboard

Core App Dashboard is a feature which allows you to view the activity of your app users. You can also check the statistics and segment integration. If you are using an Android device, you can also install the app using Unknown sources. Once the installation is complete, you can start using Core Application. Moreover, Core App Dashboard allows you to install apps from different sources. In addition, it is compatible with most Android devices. This means you can use it on any smartphone without any hassle.

Activity tab

The Activity tab on the core app dashboard allows users to manage the different activities on their account. It also includes various statistics about record activity, as well as the productivity of team members. The Daily Record Activity chart, for example, displays the number of record changesets in the past seven days. These statistics help managers keep track of how productive their team members are.

Segment integration

You can add Segment to your core app dashboard by adding a small snippet of code to your application. The code will send messages based on a trigger and can be as simple as a snippet of JavaScript or embedded HTML. In React mobile apps, you can embed a Segment call in your code to send messages when a user opens or closes the app, or when they perform different actions. If you want, you can also embed a time based condition to send messages to your user.

After you create a Segment source, you can see which environment the data is coming from. If you have different environments, you should create separate sources for these environments. You can label these sources with a different label to easily see which ones are which. When you create a new source, you can double-check that you have assigned the right write keys for production and dev environments.


Using Statistics on a core app dashboard is a powerful way to track and report on the effectiveness of your programs and services. The dashboard displays key information on a single screen, making it easy to analyze trends and find patterns. It can also be customized to meet key user needs, thereby eliminating the need for different user personas.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on is a feature that allows you to login to your web applications using only one username and password. This keeps your login process simple and secure. There are several benefits to this feature. This feature makes the process of signing into multiple web applications much faster. To learn more about single sign-on, click the links below.

SSO is a popular solution for organizations who want to manage user credentials. It is a useful security feature and helps secure the application from data breaches. SSO helps companies reduce their security risk without sacrificing the usability of the application. It also helps them meet compliance requirements as well as improve their productivity.


The Security dashboard on the core app dashboard provides detailed information about an organization’s security posture. Users can view data about vulnerabilities and threats per project, or view the overall totals for the entire organization. They can also select a time range and narrow it down to specific time periods. The Dashboard displays information about the most recent vulnerabilities and threats, and gives a quick overview of the organization’s security posture.

The Security dashboard is the first screen a user sees when they log into the app. It’s designed to help security analysts see if there are any issues that require further investigation. The left navigation pane lists high-risk views and policies, and users can expand or collapse the pane to see specifics about violations. When there is an alert, the alert icon will be red.

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