Herschel Walker’s abortion accuser is the mother 1 of his children, true report says


Herschel Walker’s

According to the Daily Beast, Wednesday’s report by the Daily Beast, the woman who claims Herschel Walker paid more than a decade ago for her abortion also claimed she is the mother one of his children. This contradicts the Georgia Republican‘s assertion that he doesn’t know his accuser.

According to the news outlet, Walker had asked a woman to have an abortion in 2009 after getting her pregnant. The article was published this week. However, the outlet agreed not to reveal her identity due to safety concerns.

Sen. Raphael Warnock

Walker, who is running for Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) for his seat, said on Wednesday that he didn’t know the identity of the anonymous woman and described the allegation by Democrats as an attempt to harm his campaign. The woman, however, stated that she was shocked by the comments.

She told the news outlet that she was shocked, but that it didn’t surprise her that he might have forgotten about some of his memories. “But then again, it could also be a sign that he forgot about it.”

According to the woman, Walker was a good sport about her campaign even though she denied the allegations of abortion. However, she couldn’t keep the information secret from the public.

“I have been very civil so far. I keep my mouth closed. I don’t cause trouble. I am always in the background. She told the Daily Beast that she was not going to be run over again and again. “That’s crazy.”

The Daily Beast

According to The Daily Beast, the woman is a registered Democrat and had a long-lasting relationship with Walker. This continued even after she had her abortion. According to the outlet, the woman refused to disclose her name as she is the mother to one of Walker’s children. She also wants to keep her family’s privacy and to tell the truth.

Walker shared a statement with NBC News in which he stated, “There’s no truth about this or any other Daily Beast reports.”

NBC News

NBC News has not independently verified the allegations of the woman or reviewed the evidence and documents that support her story, according to the Daily Beast.

Hugh Hewitt, conservative talk show host, asked Walker if he knew who the accuser was and if he needed to be forgiven. Walker replied, “Had it happened, I would’ve said it. Because it’s nothing that you should be ashamed of.”

He continued, “You know, people did that. But I don’t know anything about it.” “And if it were my knowledge, I would talk about it. But I don’t know anything about it.”

The woman told the Post that she told Walker, “You need to send – I can’t afford to pay for this.”

“We did this, too. Both of us did this. We both know how babies are made,” she told the Post of her message to Walker.

The woman told the outlet that Walker ultimately sent her a $700 check via FedEx roughly a week after the procedure. The Post said it reviewed an image of the check the woman said Walker sent her, which had his name and signature on it, as well as a receipt from a woman’s medical center in the amount of $575.

A person whom the woman confided in at the time told the Post, “She was like, ‘I’ll do it as soon as you send the check…. And he was like ‘I sent the check.’ And she was like, ‘It’s been seven days. I didn’t get it.’”

The woman who previously said she had an abortion paid for by Herschel Walker, the GOP Senate nominee in Georgia, said she had to repeatedly push him to fund the 2009 procedure that she said he wanted her to have,

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