How to Reduce the Cost of Beauty Products


How to Reduce the Cost of Beauty Products

If you’re looking for a beauty brand that puts art and function first, check out Function of Beauty. The company has a strong following on Instagram, with 831,000 followers. Their posts feature artfully staged shots and glowing customer selfies. It also appears to have a robust influencer program, with a variety of influencers with large followings. These influencers often offer discount codes in their #ad posts. They even give out discount codes to podcast listeners of the podcast Call Her Daddy.

Founder Zahir Dossa

Zahir Dossa, the co-founder and CEO of Function of Beauty, was born in Canada. Although of Indian descent, he escaped the socialist regime in Tanzania as a child. After graduating from high school, Dossa earned a college degree from MIT, studying computer science and electrical engineering. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. program at MIT.

Function of Beauty is a world leader in customizable hair and skin care products. Dossa initially focused on hair care before expanding to other parts of the industry. He then went on to study how the Internet can influence the value chain. This research ultimately led him to start Function of Beauty.


The company Function of Beauty is a start-up in New York that offers custom shampoo and conditioner products. The company has been in business for just over a year, but has already generated a substantial amount of revenue. Customers can choose the ingredients in their products and the frequency at which they receive them. The company also offers discounts for subscription levels.

The company ships its products all across the US. It also ships internationally to Canada, the UK, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, and Australia. The delivery time varies, but most orders will arrive in one to six business days. However, if you live outside the United States, your order may take anywhere from 14 to 20 days. Payment is processed through PayPal and most major credit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.


The beauty industry has historically been immune to recession. It is not a sector that is prone to change as consumers are loyal to their routines and are less likely to consider switching to more sustainable products. While 75 percent of consumers say sustainability is important, only seven percent consider it a key purchasing criterion. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the cost of beauty products without compromising their quality or effectiveness. A few simple strategies will help consumers get the look and feel they desire without spending a fortune.

First, consider the cost of beauty treatments. These treatments can add up quickly. Depending on the type of treatments you choose, your costs can range from $10 to over $100 a month. In addition, if you decide to perform DIY treatments, you may need to invest in extra supplies.


Whether you’re interested in a beauty product or a subscription, Availability of Beauty offers many options. Subscribers can change formulas, bottle sizes, frequency of shipments, and more. They can also add pumps and edit billing information. Subscribers can also cancel their subscription at any time. They cannot receive a refund once their order has been processed, but they can get a confirmation email to let them know that they can no longer receive the subscription.

Target offers a huge brand awareness opportunity for Function of Beauty, and this partnership follows a recent $150 million Series B raise from L Catterton in early December. This funding will help the brand expand its product line and reach international markets. The company also plans to hire more people and pursue new retail partnerships. The company has also recently launched national linear TV ads and launched body and skin care products in October.

Influencer program

Influencer programs in the beauty industry are a great way for beauty brands to reach consumers. They provide the opportunity to showcase their favorite products and get them in front of a new audience. These influencers can also create personal reviews of products and create buzz about a particular brand. It is important for brands to consider the type of content influencers are creating and give them complete freedom to showcase their favorite products and services.

An influencer program is an established collaboration between a beauty brand and a beauty influencer to promote a brand’s product or service on social media. Influencers can reach more people through their social media accounts than conventional social media ads. The beauty industry is worth $49 billion in the US alone. Brands will spend $15 billion or more on influencer marketing in 2022.

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