The Derrick Henry Injury Update


Derrick Henry Injury Update

In addition to being out for at least three weeks, Derrick Henry is expected to miss a few more weeks. His expected recovery time has been reported as six to ten weeks. In other words, he could return by Week 14 or even Week 18. The news, however, could put some Fantasy football players in a difficult position.

Derrick Henry’s recovery timeline

Derrick Henry suffered a broken foot against the Colts on Sunday, and his recovery timeline is unclear. His injury, a Jones fracture, affects the fifth metatarsal in his right foot. Metatarsals are bones in the middle of the foot that connect the toes. While Henry’s injury is not life-threatening, it could delay his return for six to 10 weeks. The Titans want to ensure that their star running back is fully healed before activating him.

Although the timeline is a bit longer than usual, Henry should be available for the Titans’ next two games. If Henry can return to practice by December 12, he could make his playoff debut the following week. If Henry isn’t ready by then, he could be out until the weekend of Jan. 21.

Surgery to repair the Jones fracture

The recovery time for the Jones fracture is about six to eight weeks. The shorter non-weightbearing period allows the athlete to resume physical therapy sooner and return to play more safely. The surgery requires a small incision and takes about twenty minutes. After surgery, the player is usually placed in a splint for a week. After that, he can begin light physical therapy and light weight lifting. The goal of the procedure is to stabilize the bone and reduce pain. The surgery can involve the placement of a metal screw or plate in the bone.

The Jones fracture can cause complications when it is not properly treated. In most cases, the injury isn’t visible on X-rays. In some cases, an MRI is necessary to diagnose the injury. If the NFL playoffs are his final destination, Henry’s season may be over even before the playoffs begin.

Expected return date

There are several variables that impact the expected return date for Derrick Henry from his ankle sprain. The first factor is his ability to play through a full season. If the Titans make the playoffs, Henry may be ready to play by Jan. 15. However, he needs to practice for at least three more weeks before he is eligible to join the 53-man roster.

The Titans have been without Derrick Henry since he was injured in Week 8 against the Indianapolis Colts. Although he underwent surgery to fix the foot, Henry has made significant progress in his recovery. Derrick Henry is now expected to return to action sometime in the next two to three weeks, or possibly sooner.

Impact of injury on fantasy football

The injury to Derrick Henry will have a huge impact on fantasy football owners. Henry, who suffered a foot injury against Indianapolis in Week 8, is expected to miss six to eight weeks of action and could even miss the playoffs. However, it’s important to note that while the injury is serious, it isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. Henry could return as early as Week 15 or Week 17, depending on the severity of the injury and his overall health.

The impact on fantasy owners isn’t immediate, but you’ll probably have to make a few adjustments. The worst thing you can do is start Henry with the cheapest running back in your league and expect him to return in six to eight weeks. You don’t want to wait that long if you value a player with a high ceiling. In addition to drafting Henry as your starter, make sure you have someone else in your fantasy football lineup to take the workload off of your shoulder.

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