What Helps With Constipation?


What Helps With Constipation?

Over-the-counter laxatives like Dulcolax and Benefiber can help you get rid of constipation. However, if the condition persists, you should consult a health care professional for the right treatment. Prolonged constipation may result in bleeding or severe pain.

Drinking water

Drinking water regularly is very beneficial for the colon. It helps in digestion and ensures that the colon’s muscles work properly. It also helps in softening the stool. This in turn results in regular bowel movements.

Adding tej patra to foods

Adding tej patra to your diet can help relieve constipation and indigestion. You can boil tej patra leaves in water to make a tea. This can help control constipation, bloating, and indigestion. It is also a good treatment for jaundice and head lice. It can be taken orally or applied to the affected area to reduce the symptoms of jaundice.

Avoiding foods high in fat and sugar

Avoiding foods high in fat and sugar is a great way to relieve constipation. These foods often contain high levels of fat and sugar, which can make your stools hard and dry. You should also increase the amount of water you drink daily. Avoiding foods high in fat and sugar will help relieve constipation and keep your body functioning normally.

Drinking fruits with laxative properties

Drinking fruits with laxative properties can be a great way to relieve constipation and help your body feel better. Many fruits are rich in fiber and contain sorbitol, which speeds up the GI system and aids in the passage of stool. You can add a few slices of these fruits to your smoothie or use the pulp as a base for a beverage.

Sorbitol as a laxative

Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol that is commonly used as a laxative for constipated people. It has multiple properties and is similar to sucrose in taste and sweetness. In addition, it acts as a diuretic and has been used as a sweetener in pharmaceutical products. It is available in both natural and synthetic forms. However, it is not the first choice for treating constipation.

Stool softeners

Stool softeners are over-the-counter medications that help make stools softer and easier to pass. They contain ingredients like docusate sodium and calcium, and can help relieve constipation temporarily or permanently. These drugs can also be used as preventative measures to prevent constipation. They come in liquid, tablet, and capsule forms and are taken by mouth. Some common brands include Colace, Correctol, Diocto, Modane Soft, and Ex-Lax.

Drinking enemas

Drinking enemas for constipated people is a great way to get a regular bowel movement. Many people suffer from constipation occasionally and it can be quite uncomfortable. It can cause bloating, gas, and discomfort. In mild cases, drinking more water and being mindful of what you eat can help. However, if constipation is chronic, you may need medical assistance. An enema is a laxative that is introduced rectally to clear the stool. It can help flush the bowel and also reduce the risk of infection. It can also relieve the discomfort and irritability that can come with waste buildup.

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